Welcome to relatives & Friends, come all you humble travelers, Dublin's fair city is waiting

Tony & Phyllis have been in the Dublin area for most of their young years and have developed a great friendship with so many people throughout Ireland, the UK, Europe and Australia

Family members have grown to a great number and relatives are appearing from all over the globe

Understanding the travel world, with stopover at B&B,Guest house, Caravan park, Motel, Hotel, friends and relatives, Tony & Phyllis are accomplished travelers. Their experience is indeed appreciated when you stay at T&P Guest House. Best Family House In Ireland

Meditating time for Tony & Phyllis                                                                               

   Remembering and never forgetting Conor  

 Conor is never far from our thoughts, every day is a fresh memory and recollection of our  Happy Times Together    

About your stay

You will enjoy a great welcome and a cup of tea to settle your nerves from the traveling rush

Phyllis is an accomplished chef and she will delight you with a scrumptious breakfast

If you are staying a while you will find dinner is a banquet which is why most often T&P Guest House is never lonely for visitors.

Tony is delightful and cheery and he will offer you the best guest room which upon realizing when you retire you will learn that the bed resembles a child’s first violin lesson, every time you move “screech ‘screech;   

Breakfast time you will see Phyllis holding back a big grin as if she knows something secret

Tony emerges with no expression on his face & asks!“ was it all right?”

Did you have a good night?         'What’s up?

Then his face goes lobster red.

Yep we had a great sleep but the bed was too soft so we put the mattress on the floor…

Game up Tony & Phylis!.

"If you want a fun time and to stay young, tell Tony & Phyllis you're coming to stay"

Beware if you complain about the bed Tony will be delighted to show you the gate

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